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creative connections


Joy, laughter, movement. and valuable insights in this applied improv program


The perfect inclusive team experience. Designed for any length to fit your needs.

Builds Communication skills and trust 

Develops Innovative thinking, creativity, and growth mindset awareness

A play based energizer, that incorporates movement, connection, and team collaboration


Collaboration Station

For groups of all sizes, this program is highly creative, engaging, and perfect for bringing people together in a unique, fun, and memorable way. 


All materials included. Hourly or half day options

Highly interactive, includes storytelling, movement, art, music, and creating

Fully customizable for any occasion

Participants make and keep their creations as a momento, gift, or donation to a charity.

True Colors

True Colors

Facilitated by a certified True Colors facilitator, individuals take an assessment profile and discover their work style and temperament. Participants learn their similarities to each other and the benefits of their differences, leading to more effective communication and understanding. 


Self assessment included, color bands, handouts, presentation slides, and all materials

Teams discover their strengths and the strengths of others

Diverse personality traits are celebrated

Highly inclusive, all voices are heard and encouraged

Deeper understanding of how to increase team productivity and harmony


Resilience, Adaptability & Wellness

Led by a certified MEPS health coach, individuals and teams participate n creative, innovative programs that incorporate evidence-based practices and practical methods to relieve stress, build fortitude, and create balance. 


Customized assessments and activities based on desired areas of focus

Focused, longer programs of specific topics are offered

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/social resilience based activities and areas of focus

Resources, handouts, take aways, and journals provided

How the Process Works




It begins with a discovery call

Together, we clarify your goals & create a plan of action.

I provide practical take aways and learnings so you can follow through for success


    My goal is to have all participants feel welcome and comfortable sharing and collaborating, in order to create the most engaging, impactful, and beneficial experience. Participants are encouraged to provide insights and reflections, and can also just listen and process. It is by choice how much participant wants to participate. I'm interested in co-creation and bringing the best out of everyone. I do this by incorporating activities that are fun and interactive to ensure maximum engagement. I believe incorporating play and laughter is essential. Each program and activity is designed to be responsive to the desired outcomes and feedback of the client or organizer. The design leads the group through deepening awarenesses, insights, joyful connections, and learning about, and from each other. I focus on being inclusive, so each learning moment has time for reflection, journaling, and sharing. We will have moments for debrief, and discussions. There will be some movement, and engaging individual, paired, and group activities. These programs can be customized to fit the length desired and to the participants needs. Depending on the program, I also provide handouts and presentations. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other on-line or hybrid experiences are all possible. I have had programs for 4 people and over a 100 participants as well.
    Connection and collaboration are the foundation of our programs. Experiences and practicing the learnings by joining in activities together, leads to shared memories and a deeper bond between people. Each program is designed for participants to have experiences together and gain the benefits that come from their shared observations.
    I facilitate longer form, focused programs within the Resilience, Adaptability & Wellness offering. A sample of these programs: • The importance of a growth mindset • Valuing different perspectives and personality types • How to have difficult conversations • Avoiding burnout • Grief and Loss • Psychological safety for relationships and teams • Radical acceptance and changing what you can • Values, purpose and finding your why • What makes for a strong team/organization/department • Work/Life balance • Gratitude, giving back, and Joy
    Each program length is customizable. More than one program can be facilitated, we offer multiple days for retreats. I facilitate indoor, outdoor, hybrid, or on-line, depending on the clients needs. All programs are adaptable.
    All supplies are included, and I can provide any items the room may need for set up as well.

What Our Clients Are Saying..,

Burgess Bennett

Jen Karno's workshops are what I call “good medicine” and are truly healing for health care professionals.

I have been a nurse practitioner for 25 years, 19 years as a Primary Care Provider at Kaiser in Redwood City, CA and 5 years in GI at University of Washington Medical Center.


I did my first Jen Karno workshop in 2021 and it was so engaging, creative, fun and unique that afterwards my entire body felt joyful and alive. I felt bonded to the others in the group because we had shared such a positive experience together. As healthcare providers, we desperately need opportunities to reset our nervous systems, be in our bodies, connect with our peers and have fun.


Jen Karno's workshops are what I call “good medicine” and are truly healing for health care professionals.

—Burgess Bennett, MSN, RN, FNP-BC


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